Workflow for law firms

What is workflow? Tips on how can it be applied in your law firm…

Although workflow originated in the manufacturing sector, where good processes are essential to the smooth running of a factory, it applies equally well to a law firm. Just thinking about your own firm. Are there many repeatable activities that happen in sequence occurring every time a new client is signed up, a new case is taken on or a new assignment is carried out?
Wikepedia says:
“A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic […]

money laundering

How legal firms can avoid being caught out by money laundering regulations…

In June of this year, in the Times “The Brief” it was reported that solicitor regulators were sending out guidance to law firm leaders on how they could avoid being caught out by strengthened money laundering regulations from Whitehall.
Follow the lead of a Dorset-based law firm who contracted Legal Workflow to create an interface between their case management system and the online payments system?
It’s a very simple – but fool-proof – solution. The figure to be paid is […]