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Is your IT supporting your workers – your Partners, your fee-earners, your support staff?

Last month we discussed supporting you workers in a flexible office. This month, let’s turn our attention to your IT systems.

Is your IT supporting your workers – your Partners, your fee-earners, your support staff?

Ask yourself “Did IT enable our practitioners and support staff to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic?”. Or did it put even more pressure on both your infrastructure and your staff? Is it fit for purpose now and into the future?

In the legal sector – particularly in the small-medium sized firms – there hasn’t previously been the drive to invest and modernise IT.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been, in some firms, the catalyst for the reality of home working. In other firms it’s been the Achilles heel.

How much simpler and more productive – and therefore cost-efficient – it is for firms with case and practice management systems? How much easier it is to work with customised workflows? How much less disruptive is it when integrations and online systems enable workers to access what they need remotely.

In all cases, firms need to deliver efficient, consistent and secure network access for all employees, regardless of whether they are working from home or in the office. *Gartner calls it the “Everywhere Enterprise”.

Legal Workflow offers your firm the ability to use technology for competitive advantage. We enable you to streamline your business processes, so that legal practitioners spend more time with their clients, and less time on repetitive and manual office-based-only tasks. Making them productive, wherever they are working.

We are creators of innovative products, services and integrations that drive increased productivity, improved profitability, smarter service provision, superior user experience and all the rewards of a modern, high-tech legal firm.

Through the imaginative application of technology, allied with commercial acumen, we customise practice and case management systems, adding our own products to create modern, streamlined and cost-efficient systems which are a joy to use.

Take a look at some of the downloads and videos on our Resources page.

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*To download the Gartner Report underpinning much of this – and the previous post – go here.

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