Returning to the office safely

Returning to the office safely…

Covid-19 has been challenging our way of life for more than six months now. From lockdown to social distancing. From wearing face masks to regular handwashing. From not being able to meet with close friends and family members to changes to how we work.

One area that we, like a lot of people, are concerned about is returning to office-based working.

How are employers going to protect their staff?

Some employees – and indeed visitors – are anxious and don’t want to return to offices. Others are desperate to return for that human connection.

There’s a lot of mixed feelings on the subject. Are we being forced back too quickly? Are employers really able to protect us? What will the office be like?

Employers too are anxious that they meet the new regulations. That they don’t put their staff, their visitors, themselves at risk. And that they can continue to stay in business where returning to the office is necessary.

Such anxiety affects peoples’ mental health as well as their physical health. As employees, it affects our confidence and productivity. As an employer it affects our ability to run a business. We need to find a way to safeguard our offices, our staff and visitors to our offices.

Which is why at Legal Workflow we’re delighted to offer Law Firms assistance with keeping law offices safe. To demonstrate to employees and visitors alike that it really is safe to come back into the office.

New Wave Workspace is a user-friendly, touchless Software as a Service platform. It enables law firms to get back to office working – safely and efficiently. New Wave Workspace is the digital twin to your physical workspace so you can effortlessly undertake intelligent scheduling, social distancing, contract tracing, service reporting, cleaning on demand, conferences and meetings. You can demonstrate your compliance. You can make data-driven decisions on how to keep your environment safe, with analytics and insights.

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