We are constantly creating new products for the benefit of law firms and their clients. Some of these are shown here. We can meet virtually any requirement, so contact us for a chat if you would like to discuss ideas.

House-style Products

We have a series of products to enable enforcement of house style on your Microsoft Word templates.

Enhanced Word Templates

Improve the efficiency and consistency of documentation production across your team.

These locked down Word templates give users easy access to all the styles they should be using when producing documentation, ensuring compliance with your firm’s house style. Additional time-saving features, such as automatically reformatting paragraph numbers and tables to corporate style or inserting landscape pages not only save users time, but also improve consistency of documentation, regardless of a user’s experience with using Word.

Corporate Information Tool

Giving users easy access to commonly used and up to date business information.

Commonly used business information such as registration numbers, bank details, insurance information and financial data are needed all the time by users when producing documentation. The Corporate Information Tool gives users access to all this information directly from the Word ribbon, maintaining the source data in a central location, so that it is always up to date for all users.

Super Paste

Cut and Paste as it should be.

SuperPaste lets you paste content from existing Word documents into a new document template, automatically reformatting content on the fly, using only your firm’s approved styles within the new template.

  • For more information, Contact Us

    For more information, Contact Us

White label Products

We will be producing many more white label products, including for MoJ Portal Instructions, Family Law and Estate Administration.

Currently these include:

Road Traffic Representation

An online legal service for those accused of motoring offences.

Ground-breaking expert systems analyse likely penalties and defences for a wide range of offences, with premium services for telephone advice and the world’s first fully automated brief to Counsel for representation.

For more information please visit:

Online Wills

A ground-breaking service for creating Wills automatically online, using a unique traffic light system to enable the user to answer questions in any order they like. When all tabs are green, the Will can be created. Smart use of conditional logic and diagnostic tools flag up any particular issues that might require premium advice for the client. The system can be used either by the client or by the lawyer to take instructions.


A virtual assistant to answer common questions about the law and legal procedures and even to tell you about progress on your case.

To view our Chatbots video please click here

  • For more information, Contact Us

    For more information, Contact Us

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