New Wave Workspace

Now is the time to embrace the new way of working, safely and legally – with New Wave Workspace.

New Wave Workspace is a user-friendly, touchless Software as a Service management platform. It enables you to get back to office working – safely and efficiently. New Wave Workspace is the digital twin to your physical workspace so you can effortlessly undertake intelligent scheduling, social distancing, contact tracing, service reporting, cleaning on demand, conferences and meetings, analytics and insights.

Law firms and legal departments are probably never going to look the same again. It’s time to rethink the space you work in and the way you work. Systems need to be more efficient, visiting clients need a safe environment, workspaces need to earn their keep, health and safety has moved up the list. Touchless workspaces are the future.

New Wave Workspace will facilitate and enforce your New Normal policies, doing so in a highly automated way and without the need for time consuming and difficult manual administrative procedures.

When configured to your firm’s precise requirements, simply open the New Wave Workspace app on your laptop, tablet or phone to get touchless control over everyday procedures. Using QR codes, voice commands and simple icons, your employees’ devices are transformed into an ID card, a remote control, a service request screen and more!

New Wave Workspace is the perfect tool for all departments from the board of directors to management, HR, secretaries, IT and facilities’ personnel.

The benefits of the touchless New Wave Workspace are proven, it’s tailored to your firm, it’s instinctive to use on your laptop, tablet or phone. What’s more, New Wave Workspace will help increase your productivity, improve your efficiency and make it safer for staff to keep working, visitors to meet you and new clients to contact you.

How New Wave Workspace can help you

Desk and workspace scheduling

Open the New Wave Workspace app to show a digital floor plan of your workspace. Check where colleagues are sitting or tap to book yourself a suitable workspace. Only those desks and meeting rooms available for booking in accordance with the firm’s health and safety policies can be booked. If you turn up without authority, the desk or room will not allow access. Saves time, avoids confusion, monitors social distancing.

Meeting room and conference booking

No more unprofessional double booking or hunting for a suitable meeting room. Simply look at New Wave Workspace on your device to check the availability of meeting rooms and book your space in an instant. More efficient, more accurate, saves time.

Hygiene Policies

Want to ensure that busy people remember to sanitise? Integrated digital sanitisers track use and provide valuable insights into who is and is not sanitising. Big Brother?  Maybe. But it’s in the interests of everyone’s safety, makes employees feel cared for and confident in returning to a controlled environment and helps protect you against lawsuits. Sensible, safe, secure.

Contact tracing

Tap on the app for instant access to contact tracing information. In case of illness, New Wave Workspace ensures you can readily identify and contact all the necessary personnel without delay. Get instant details of staff and visitors who have attended meetings together. Easily view which employees are or have been sitting near each other. Efficient, effortless, effective.

Service requests

From a huge catalogue of New Wave Workspace service request icons, choose the most relevant for your firm. Your staff can then easily, from their own devices, report issues with cabling, catering or lighting, equipment, plumbing or heating. No need for time consuming complex discussions with IT, support or facilities’ colleagues. Reduces need to touch generic surfaces. Simple tap and inform.

Cleaning on demand

The wellbeing and safety of employees is the firm’s responsibility. By using the New Wave app on vacating a meeting room or desk, an individual can request for an area to be cleaned ready for the next occupant. New Wave Workspace enables cleaning schedules to be organised for a happy and protected working environment. Essential, safe, simple.

Analytics and insights

New Wave Workspace highlights potential money saving insights into features and behaviours such as office occupancy, most and least used workspaces, meeting room usage, top users. From the information gained, key decision makers can make choices based on precise data to maximise the efficiency of the firm’s personnel and real estate. Accurate, valuable, money-saving.

Seamless integration

No need to worry about how New Wave Workspace will work with your existing systems. New Wave Workspace is designed to work. It works with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow, CRESTRON, Poly, Cisco WebEx Rooms, Alexa, Google Assistant and many more. Seamless integration. Effective immediately.

And there’s more . .

New Wave Workspace is the ideal platform for coordinating conferences, for implementing visitors’ social distancing, for a whole raft of the “new normal” requirements.

Figuring out how a firm can transform its working environment at short notice, reducing costly overheads and utilising essential touchless technology are essential skills to help future proof your business. New Wave Workspace is the key to embracing and managing this change with minimum fuss and maximum flexibility. New Wave Workspace is the future now. Job done!

View the New Wave Workspace data sheets here

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