Lawyers and law firms. A service or a hybrid workplace?

Did the first national lockdown on 23rd March 2020 prove to be the tipping point in the way legal services are delivered and consumed?

Lawyers and the wider legal professional adapted extremely well to the challenge, they had to. The provision of professional legal services was in huge demand as government, businesses, individuals and society in general grappled with the legal ramifications of the seismic change in our “ordinary” way of life.

Lawyers found new and efficient ways to communicate with clients, colleagues, partners and other professionals. Video conferencing from home offices, remote hearings, mediation via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex, VPN connection to the main office.

Legal professionals became more proficient at working from remote locations. IT infrastructure provided “safe bubbles” for lawyers and professional support teams to work in different ways and clients embraced these changes.

Many law firms continued to provide first class services to their clients throughout the pandemic supported by innovative use of technology and remote working, notwithstanding reduction in staff levels, meetings and travel times.

So where do we go from here?

After staff, the biggest fixed overhead for many firms is the cost of the building or lease.

Could a hybrid workplace – which provides a flexible workspace and digital support to home offices – be the answer?

Teams can work together in the same space and at the same time, when they need to or when they meet clients or attend hearings. When they don’t need to, they can work from their digital home office.

When you’re considering your workplace and workforce strategy, take a look at New Wave Workspace, the platform that enables the Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office. For now you might like to download this brochure. Or contact us ( for an informal discussion.

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