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Streamline your business processes. Enable legal practitioners to spend more time with their clients, and less time on repetitive and manual tasks.

Introducing Legal Doc Pro

A collection of tools for Microsoft Word that allows everyone at your law firm to create professional, client ready documents in seconds. Tailored perfectly to your brand image, Legal Doc Pro frees up hundreds of hours a year for each member of your firm


Meet Legal Workflow.
A Pioneering, Lawyer-Led, IT Consultancy.

  • We are creators of innovative products, services and integrations that drive increased productivity, improved profitability, smarter service provision, superior user experience and all the rewards of a modern, high-tech legal firm.

    Through the imaginative application of technology, allied with commercial acumen, we customise practice and case management systems, adding our own products to create modern, streamlined and cost-efficient systems which are a joy to use.


Improve productivity and ensure compliance.

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Share data between applications.

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Online Legal Services

Offer smart, modern service delivery options

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Automation and AI

Transform your business and wow your clients.

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Legal Workflow Decoded

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Legal Workflow Decoded

Legal Workflow Decoded

In each issue we will be sharing advice, experience and examples of real-life situations where technology is enabling legal practitioners to spend more time with their clients, and less time on repetitive and manual tasks.



Nicky Lloyd

Legal Workflow have been incredibly helpful developing workflows for the firm. They have been very patient working with lawyers who have never used workflows before. Martin and his team are able to get the most out of even the clunkiest of case management systems. They have also introduced us to other legal tech providers that we might be able to work with also to improve our processes.

Rakhi Singal

Lauren helped with our transition to LEAP. The training she provided was thorough and truly informative. It allowed us all to start using LEAP instantly without any real difficulty. When I subsequently encountered an issue, I called Lauren who spent ample time trying to assist me in resolving this issue very quickly. Lauren has literally held our hand throughout this transition. Thank you Lauren.

Helen Whiteman

“Legal Workflow have an excellent understanding of law firms, in particular case management applications.”

Macaila Hannaford

“Legal Workflow have an incredible depth of knowledge regarding the legal processes of law firms which is a massive advantage in being able to produce the IT and case solutions I have seen them do many times. Legal Workflow is a professional organisation which has provided me with advice on several occasions.”

William Ware

“Legal Workflow’s ability to extract the very best from a practice management is impressive. The fee earners find that Martin’s extensive knowledge of the law and legal practice mean that communicating the needs of the department are made much easier. Their intuition means that a lot of our legwork is reduced and the whole process is proactive and far more productive than might be the case with non-legally trained programmers. Legal Workflow’s attention to detail and rigorous integrity mean that all our department heads have complete faith in the workflows they design.
Without this holistic approach we would not have succeeded in getting our ISO 9001 on the first attempt with no corrective actions – much of which depended on the workflows.”

Tony Bowler

“I have worked with Legal Workflow for many years now and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my Contacts. Their knowledge and expertise within the Legal profession is second to none. They have a complete understanding of how a Legal Practice should operate which is why they are ideal, not only to develop ALL your Legal workflows with a view to streamlining and automating your procedures, but as a consultancy moving forward with your Business plan.”

Harry Peradigou

“If there is an IT/Case Management solution that Legal Workflow cannot find, it is unlikely to exist. Most helpful and professional. Highly recommend.”

Nick Miller

“Martin is an experienced lawyer who has brought his expertise and imagination to the legal services industry to provide IT solutions with a strong focus on business efficiency. I would not hesitate to recommend Martin’s team and services to any legal business which wishes to get a good return on investment on their previously underused IT systems.”

Ian Peach

“Legal Workflow’s expert knowledge of IT and in particular case management systems proved invaluable during our time together. They were instrumental in bringing about changes to my groups working practices that were of huge benefit to us both financially and in terms of time saving. They really know their stuff and I would not hesitate in recommending their services.”

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