Integration saves a colossal amount of time, thereby improving profitability.

Integration with third-party applications, client portals and databases is the missing link when it comes to the sharing of consistent data throughout the firm. Integration with external sites can automate the processes of uploading and downloading data, saving you time and money.

Your technical team most likely don’t have the programming, development and database skills or tools available to write and test integrations with third-party applications, client portals and databases.

Yet without those integrations, you’ll struggle to create a single version of the truth for all to share. And you’ll be wasting hundreds of hours of chargeable time on tedious re-entry and mind-numbing downloads from government and other external sites such as AML providers and online payment services.

Imagine entering data just once in your case management system and being able to extract and share data to populate fields from the Land Registry, the Courts Service, Companies House, HMRC and other accessible sites. We’re already listed on the Land Registry site as a Supplier with integrated Information Services. As we move towards the government’s “digital by default” strategy, this will become more and more commonplace.

Improve consistency and accuracy? Automate downloads and uploads? Save time and money? Job done!

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