How can I help you today? Using AI to develop intelligent chatbots…

Chatbots are one AI tool that many of us will already be familiar with. We’ve met them online when browsing a website and up they pop asking if they can help. And how frustrating is it when you ask them a question but then find they’re actually live people, and are currently “unavailable”?

During Martin Langan’s recent presentation at Legalex (22nd March 2018) entitled “Online Legal Services and Artificial Intelligence “, he demonstrated a sample of a tool developed for a Legal Workflow client that is always available, can be primed to answer many of your clients’ questions while they’re online and can provide you with leads!

Take a look at the demo below for a simple example of such a chatbot. It demonstrates how a prospective client can either type in or ask a spoken question – or series of questions – online and the chatbot answers. Then, when the client presents as a lead, it asks them to complete the online contact form which is submitted to you via your website.

If you want to know more, then get in touch with us – talk to Martin Langan on 01243 859605 or email to

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