Legal advice for motorists via a “virtual solicitor”

We have here an example of a true online legal service. Interactive services provided online. Created for motorists who’ve been stopped or flashed for speeding, or charged on the spot for an offence requiring attendance at court in a few days.

It’s designed to provide advice quickly and specifically for their situation. It takes into account such things as points already on their licence. It spells out the likely outcome and advises motorists whether there are grounds for mitigation or dismissal.

It does this in the same way a real live solicitor would. It applies the law, based on information provided by the motorist via a series of questions and answers. A basic legal diagnosis is provided free of charge at the end of the session, informing the motorist whether they are likely to have a defence and what level of penalty they can expect if found guilty.

With a complex case they are invited to speak with a solicitor for a fixed fee. They can even instruct a barrister via the website if they feel they need representation in court.

Take a look for yourself here – – and think what we could develop for your firm.

Just one of the online legal services developed by Legal Workflow.

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