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The legal profession can no longer stand apart from the rest of the commercial world. Clients will increasingly expect legal services to be delivered digitally, with full online interaction with their lawyers. Self-service and unbundled provision will become the norm. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become part of the process and lawyers will interact only where their skills are truly needed.

Title about the contents of the downloadable file

Title about the contents of the downloadable file

Welcome to this self-running presentation of Martin Langan’s presentation at LegalEx 2018. In this presentation we will be talking about the following:

  • Where we are today
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Planning for your law firm’s future
    • Automation and AI
  • The bigger picture for online legal services
  • Artificial Intelligence – hype vs facts
    • Enhancing existing systems
    • Chatbots
    • Online services
    • Automation
    • The lawyer’s role in the future
  • Finding your competitive edge

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Ascent of (legal) man

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Enter whichever “about us” text you’d like to feature here. We are creators of innovative products, services and integrations that drive increased productivity, improved profitability, smarter service provision, superior user experience and all the rewards of a modern, high-tech legal firm.

Through the imaginative application of technology, allied with commercial acumen, we customise practice and case management systems, adding our own products to create modern, streamlined and cost-efficient systems which are a joy to use.
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