Compliance with Covid-19 rules

Law firms must ensure compliance with Covid-19 regulations in the workplace

As we move from lockdown into regional Covid tiers in England, how is your Law Firm going to ensure compliance with Covid-19 regulations in the workplace?
Law Society Guidelines
The Law Society rules are quite clear. From social distancing in the workplace, through implementing sufficient measures to improve control of workplace risk, to meetings in tier 2 and tier 3 areas.
From a practical perspective, how will your Firm mitigate Covid-19 risk and – if called upon by the Health and Safety Executive […]

Returning to the office safely

Returning to the office safely…

Covid-19 has been challenging our way of life for more than six months now. From lockdown to social distancing. From wearing face masks to regular handwashing. From not being able to meet with close friends and family members to changes to how we work.
One area that we, like a lot of people, are concerned about is returning to office-based working.
How are employers going to protect their staff?
Some employees – and indeed visitors – are anxious and don’t want to return […]

New Wave Workspace from Legal Workflow

Legal Workflow signs as a Distributor of New Wave Workspace

London, United Kingdom, 10 July 2020 – Legal Workflow signs as a Distributor of New Wave Workspace

New Wave Workspace, a platform that allows companies to transition to The New Normal. New Wave Workspace, which enables on social distancing, intelligent scheduling, cleaning on-demand, contact tracing and analytics, are pleased to announce that Legal Workflow has agreed to distribute New Wave Workspace in the United Kingdom and globally to the legal market.

Founded in 2007 by solicitor and Managing Director Martin Langan, […]


PLC Document Conversion to your own House Style at the Push of a Button…

Many of our clients complain of how long it takes their fee earners to create their standard precedents to versions that comply with their practices branding rules and styles. In a law firm, time really is money, so every minute spent on reworking documents is a minute less billing time!

Here is a great example of how Legal Workflow has created fantastic time saving efficiencies for one commercial law firm client, that must also be relevant to so many law firms […]

Chatbots for law firms

What can chatbots do for law firms?

Well quite a lot actually! They’re getting more and more sophisticated.

In this article, we look at what’s available now and peek into the not too distant future of what chatbots can do for law firms.

Using chatbots in your law firm: “How can I help you?”

Consider what happens when online shopping for a new pair of trainers. Would you rather scroll through pages of options, only to find the pair you like don’t come in your size or are […]

Enforcing a house style on Word files – a battle of wills…

Does your law firm struggle to lock down house styles in your Word documents, do stubborn files refuse to bend to your will?
It’s a time-draining problem for lawyers and support staff alike.
We’d like to introduce you to a new product available from Legal Workflow, a customised Word ribbon that locks down house styles and makes it easy to apply styles instantly to all of your Word files.
There’s also a ‘Super Paste’ facility for use when copying content from one Word […]