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How can I help you today? Using AI to develop intelligent chatbots…

Chatbots are one AI tool that many of us will already be familiar with. We’ve met them online when browsing a website and up they pop asking if they can help. And how frustrating is it when you ask them a question but then find they’re actually live people, and are currently “unavailable”?
During Martin Langan’s recent presentation at Legalex (22nd March 2018) entitled “Online Legal Services and Artificial Intelligence “, he demonstrated a sample of a tool developed for a […]

Digital Services

Feeling threatened by digital services and AI?

Change is happening all around us and technology helps speed up the process. To stand still is to go backwards and in business nobody can afford to let that happen. Legal firms are no different, they too must move with the times to become more efficient, to meet the needs of their clients and to be profitable.
Don’t feel threatened by digital services, embrace the technology and make it work for you. Meet the new breed of legal IT consultancy from […]

Legal advice for motorists via a “virtual solicitor”

We have here an example of a true online legal service. Interactive services provided online. Created for motorists who’ve been stopped or flashed for speeding, or charged on the spot for an offence requiring attendance at court in a few days.
It’s designed to provide advice quickly and specifically for their situation. It takes into account such things as points already on their licence. It spells out the likely outcome and advises motorists whether there are grounds for mitigation or dismissal.
It […]