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Hybrid working? Remote working? Hybrid workplace?

There’s a growing amount of discussion around “Hybrid working”, “Remote Working” and “Hybrid Workplace” at the moment.
What does it mean, what actually is a hybrid workplace?
In a nutshell, it’s the provision of flexible shared working/meeting space alongside provision of digital support to home offices – for a flexible workforce. When your workers need to, they work in the office – perhaps as a team or with clients for a project or meeting. But when they don’t need to, they work […]

Lawyers and law firms. A service or a hybrid workplace?

Did the first national lockdown on 23rd March 2020 prove to be the tipping point in the way legal services are delivered and consumed?
Lawyers and the wider legal professional adapted extremely well to the challenge, they had to. The provision of professional legal services was in huge demand as government, businesses, individuals and society in general grappled with the legal ramifications of the seismic change in our “ordinary” way of life.
Lawyers found new and efficient ways to communicate with clients, […]

Hybrid Workplace & Digital Office

Welcome to the Hybrid Workplace & Digital Office – Insights White Paper

The Future has Arrived
A brand new world is emerging after the pandemic: working from home became not only viable but a desirable alternative for employees around the planet. At the same time, drawbacks related to people’s mental health have been identified everywhere. In this unprecedented scenario, the description “Hybrid Workplace + Digital Office” had quickly become the most complete solution for reducing real estate costs and keeping employees safe, productive and, most of all, happy.
Best of Both Worlds
As the vaccination […]