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Flexible worker

Is your IT supporting your workers – your Partners, your fee-earners, your support staff?

Last month we discussed supporting you workers in a flexible office. This month, let’s turn our attention to your IT systems.
Is your IT supporting your workers – your Partners, your fee-earners, your support staff?
Ask yourself “Did IT enable our practitioners and support staff to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic?”. Or did it put even more pressure on both your infrastructure and your staff? Is it fit for purpose now and into the future?
In the legal sector – particularly […]

Events in September and October

Recent and upcoming events…

September and October see Legal Workflow involved in various Legal events.
The Alternative IT Conference
The first was the Alternative IT conference, where our MD – Martin Langan – facilitated roundtable discussions on “Providing a 24/7 service for clients without keeping you up”. Discussions included:

meeting clients’ increasing expectations for online services 24/7 has to be more than case tracking
real life examples of products and services that actually advise clients, not just have them filling in forms
integration with […]

deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution

Deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution…

Who would you trust to help you deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution?
It’s all very well us at Legal Workflow explaining how we can deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution, but wouldn’t you feel happier hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, or more politely, from some of your legal peers?
We’re proud to have worked with some of the finest law firms in the UK and equally proud to have received some great testimonials […]

enquiries from your website

How well are enquiries from your website being responded to?

When law firms first started to promote themselves online, their websites were little more than brochures. “This is who we are, this is where to find us and you can phone or email us for more information.” Many firms have now developed a much more interactive experience for clients and potential clients, but for others the only advance has been to create an online form. Are you now receiving – and responding to – enquiries from your website? When enquiries […]

How Legal and Financial services technology can help save your sanity

Professionals are increasingly facing up to doing business digitally, given the government’s digital by default policy, lawyers making increasing use of practice management systems and financial advisers coming to terms with ‘FinTech’. It would be unfortunate though if each part of the chain works in its own silo, creating data that sits only in their database and for no one else working on connected matters.
It doesn’t have to be this way, as software applications can be integrated so that effectively […]