Flexible worker

Is your IT supporting your workers – your Partners, your fee-earners, your support staff?

Last month we discussed supporting you workers in a flexible office. This month, let’s turn our attention to your IT systems.
Is your IT supporting your workers – your Partners, your fee-earners, your support staff?
Ask yourself “Did IT enable our practitioners and support staff to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic?”. Or did it put even more pressure on both your infrastructure and your staff? Is it fit for purpose now and into the future?
In the legal sector – particularly […]


Hybrid working? Remote working? Hybrid workplace?

There’s a growing amount of discussion around “Hybrid working”, “Remote Working” and “Hybrid Workplace” at the moment.
What does it mean, what actually is a hybrid workplace?
In a nutshell, it’s the provision of flexible shared working/meeting space alongside provision of digital support to home offices – for a flexible workforce. When your workers need to, they work in the office – perhaps as a team or with clients for a project or meeting. But when they don’t need to, they work […]


Lawyers and law firms. A service or a hybrid workplace?

Did the first national lockdown on 23rd March 2020 prove to be the tipping point in the way legal services are delivered and consumed?
Lawyers and the wider legal professional adapted extremely well to the challenge, they had to. The provision of professional legal services was in huge demand as government, businesses, individuals and society in general grappled with the legal ramifications of the seismic change in our “ordinary” way of life.
Lawyers found new and efficient ways to communicate with clients, […]

Hybrid Workplace & Digital Office

Welcome to the Hybrid Workplace & Digital Office – Insights White Paper

The Future has Arrived
A brand new world is emerging after the pandemic: working from home became not only viable but a desirable alternative for employees around the planet. At the same time, drawbacks related to people’s mental health have been identified everywhere. In this unprecedented scenario, the description “Hybrid Workplace + Digital Office” had quickly become the most complete solution for reducing real estate costs and keeping employees safe, productive and, most of all, happy.
Best of Both Worlds
As the vaccination […]

Legal Doc Pro

Consistent branding, easy formatting and central control of corporate information?

How do you ensure that everyone in your firm is keeping to your brand guidelines in all their documents, day in day out?
How do you save valuable time in formatting documents when Microsoft Word thinks it knows best?
Is there a way to provide easy access to all the practice’s corporate information, and roll out any changes with just one central amendment?
The answer is Legal Doc Pro, a collection of tools for Microsoft Word that allows everyone to create professional, client […]

Law South Group Webinar

Law South Group

Webinar – “Hybrid Working”, 18 February 2021
Legal Workflow, in collaboration with the workplace management platform vendor New Wave Workspace, were delighted to provide a lively and well attended webinar on Hybrid Working through the Law South Group.
We’d like to thank all of the firms in the Law South group – Barlow Robbins LLP, Birkett Long LLP, Brachers LLP, DMH Stallard LLP, Dutton Gregory LLP, EMW LLP, Girlings LLP, Royds Withy King LLP, Stephens Scown LLP, Thackray Williams LLP, Thomson […]

New Wave Workspace People Finder

Where’s Norman?

New Wave Workspace People Finder
As more and more businesses open up, a great addition to a fabulous solution…
New Wave Workspace is a user-friendly, touchless Software as a Service management platform. It enables you to get back to office working – safely and efficiently. New Wave Workspace is the digital twin to your physical workspace so you can effortlessly undertake intelligent scheduling, social distancing, contact tracing, service reporting, cleaning on demand, conferences and meetings, analytics and insights, and now People Finder.
Available […]

NewWave + Legal Workflow + Claremont

Claremont signs as a Reseller of New Wave Workspace

New Wave Workspace, a platform that allows companies to transition to the New Normal. Legal Workflow is UK Distributor and globally to the legal market of New Wave Workspace, which enables social distancing, intelligent scheduling, cleaning on-demand, contact tracing and analytics.  We are pleased to announce that Claremont has agreed to add New Wave Workspace to its considerable toolkit of workplace solutions.
Founded in 1997, Claremont are a leading provider of […]

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings from Legal Workflow!

Last year at this time, we took a look at what the experts had to say about 2020. However, 2020 has been such a difficult year for everyone, many of those predictions have gone out the window. What we have seen though is that whereas a lot of firms have struggled with the restrictions placed upon them during the Covid-19 pandemic, others have continued to go from strength to strength. Here we consider what some have been doing that makes […]

Compliance with Covid-19 rules

Law firms must ensure compliance with Covid-19 regulations in the workplace

As we move from lockdown into regional Covid tiers in England, how is your Law Firm going to ensure compliance with Covid-19 regulations in the workplace?
Law Society Guidelines
The Law Society rules are quite clear. From social distancing in the workplace, through implementing sufficient measures to improve control of workplace risk, to meetings in tier 2 and tier 3 areas.
From a practical perspective, how will your Firm mitigate Covid-19 risk and – if called upon by the Health and Safety Executive […]