Baskerville Drummond Group

It has long been recognised that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Aristotle said as much over two thousand years ago) and it is certainly a maxim that we embrace.

We often work with like-minded professionals whom we trust and respect to deliver complementary services to our clients, so some of us got together to explore how we might take this a step further and offer a range of services under one roof.  We soon agreed that this would be attractive to our clients, so we formed the Baskerville Drummond Group.

Collectively we offer “Business Solutions for the People in Law Firms” and the bit that is most important to us in this is “the People”.  People are at the heart of every organisation and the relationships we create and nurture are what inspire us to do great things for you. Whilst most consultants provide services for companies, we never forget that our primary responsibility is to the people in those companies, and this guides our approach from the very start.

That being so, let’s introduce you to the people that make the Baskerville Drummond Group tick:

Baskerville Drummond is a leading independent legal IT consultancy who specialise in advising Law firms and Legal Technology solution providers.

We provide a full “end to end” service from Strategic Reviews, System & Vendor Selection to Implementation and Strategy Execution. Our unique approach enables us to fully support our clients through the whole strategic or project process and ensures we are fully accountable for the results.

We also are retained advisors for many of our clients and provide ad hoc advisory support as well as long-term IT strategic advice and overseeing execution.

Our depth of IT knowledge and law firm experience along with our strong commitment to delivering the highest level of client service every time continues to result in strong advocacy amongst our clients.

We invite you to read their client testimonials and case studies to learn more about their experience and how we have supported our clients to achieve their goals.

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Jayva UK Limited is a specialist provider of consultancy and training to law firms throughout the UK.

Their sister company Jayva US Inc, in the USA, provides implementation consultancy to US attorneys and law offices.

Their team of highly knowledgeable consultants and trainers understand your challenges and can help you overcome them by tailoring their support to your unique needs.  They don’t see themselves as a supplier, but as a trusted advisor, acting as an extension to your team.

You can instruct Jayva on an ad hoc, ongoing or fixed term basis thereby tapping into their renowned expertise for one off or regular projects, without committing to full time, permanent employees.

Jayva think their people focused and personable approach are what makes the company truly different. They work collaboratively and to ensure exceptional personalised solutions.

Led by a Chartered Accountant Owner and Managing Director, financial control and business management are at the core of the solutions Jayva provide.

It is not viable for a law firm to look at process related projects at a fee earning level without understanding the financial and regulatory impact on a business.  The accounts department, and the interaction with accounts can be one of the most challenging departments in which to affect positive change.  Not because of a reluctance but because there is an inherent fear that automation will loosen control and introduce opportunities for error or worse still fraud.

Jayva’s list of services range from business process reengineering to induction training and everything in between.

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  • End User Training – Most PMS/CMS solutions
  • Super User/Admin Training
  • Accounting System Project Management
  • System Configuration & Administration
  • Legal Accounts Software Training
  • People, Process, Technology Review
  • Accounting Controls System HealthCheck
  • Opening Balance and Data Reconciliation service
  • Project Rescue
  • Outsourced Induction Training

Legal Workflow are creators of innovative products, services and integrations that drive increased productivity, improved profitability, smarter service provision, superior user experience and all the rewards of a modern, high-tech legal firm.

Through the imaginative application of technology, allied with commercial acumen, Legal Workflow customise practice and case management systems, adding our own products to create modern, streamlined and cost-efficient systems which are a joy to use.

See also their cutting edge online legal service platforms, and AI products including ChatBots that answer legal questions and act as lead generators.