February 2020

Future of conveyancing

Challenges and opportunities for the future of Conveyancing

By Martin Langan

I attended an interesting morning in Leeds last Wednesday (5th February 2020) with lawyers and technologists discussing challenges and opportunities for the future of Conveyancing, sponsored by Modern Law Magazine.

There was rightly much talk about efficiency and client service. My own take on this is that client experience is becoming the big differentiator. Our clients expect us to be speedy and they expect to be kept informed, but does their experience match up with that encountered […]

Innovation Martlesham

Legal Workflow joins Innovation Martlesham…

3rd February 2020, Chichester: Legal Workflow is delighted to announce membership of Innovation Martlesham, an established cluster of high-tech ICT companies located at Adastral Park, Suffolk, home of BT’s national operation centre, test facilities and global Research and Development Unit.

Besides being home to a diverse range of large, medium and small companies, Innovation Martlesham is a ‘collaborative ecosystem’ for technology companies. It provides physical office accommodation and a Business club to support the demand from businesses and hosts networking […]