July 2018

Improve law firm's bottom line

How to improve your law firm’s bottom line…

There are often opportunities to introduce other departments to your clients, and thus improve your law firm’s bottom line. Perhaps in a commercial situation when preparing a Shareholders Agreement where the company is acting for the shareholder, it’s necessary to review the pension arrangements for the shareholders. So you should introduce them to the firm’s Financial Adviser. Or you might need to introduce them to the Private Client team to review Wills or Powers of Attorney of the shareholders. In […]

Compliance and risk

Compliance – is your law firm exposed to unnecessary risk?

You have a case management system in place, right? But how do you enforce compliance with your firm’s protocols or flag any potential areas of non-compliance? By creating a workflow…
Public Indemnity Insurance – an example of enforcing compliance
For instance, it may be that your Public Indemnity insurance dictates that the maximum value of a transaction should not exceed a set amount. If a transaction – or series of transactions combined – will exceed that amount, your firm’s lawyers should escalate that to […]

deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution

Deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution…

Who would you trust to help you deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution?
It’s all very well us at Legal Workflow explaining how we can deliver ROI from your case and practice management solution, but wouldn’t you feel happier hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, or more politely, from some of your legal peers?
We’re proud to have worked with some of the finest law firms in the UK and equally proud to have received some great testimonials […]

custom workflow

Custom workflow paves the way for ISO quality certification…

Custom workflow paves the way for ISO quality certification…
Advances in technology are driving both expectations and concerns. Law firms are under considerable pressure from their clients – and the government – to protect confidential information. Regulations to protect both consumers and businesses from, for example, money laundering and data breaches, mean that law firms need to comply and to be able to demonstrate that compliance. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines and the necessity to disclose such breaches […]

enquiries from your website

How well are enquiries from your website being responded to?

When law firms first started to promote themselves online, their websites were little more than brochures. “This is who we are, this is where to find us and you can phone or email us for more information.” Many firms have now developed a much more interactive experience for clients and potential clients, but for others the only advance has been to create an online form. Are you now receiving – and responding to – enquiries from your website? When enquiries […]